Black Veil Brides- The ‘Justin Bieber’ of Metal?

Now this post shall not be posting my opinion on Black Veil Brides as there are many blogs that do such a thing. This post will be on how the relationship of Black Veil Brides and their fans is similar if not the same as the relationship between Justin Bieber and his fans. So you are most likely wondering what is that I am talking about Justin Bieber is a pop artist and Black Veil Brides a metal band, how can they relate? Well the answer is that both Justin Bieber (JB) and Black Veil Brides (BVB) are hated within their genre by many.

To start of I shall describe the similarities between the fan base. The majority of both fan bases are of 9-14yr old girls that are overly obsessed. Now this is not a bad thing, they have fans and what’s wrong with that. The problem with both is the over obsession. If someone said they didn’t like my band I would simply say ‘ok, sure, people have different music tastes’ If you said to a JB or BVB fan that you didn’t like their music then shit would go down to say the least. Gaggles of 12 year old girls would rant with an over use of swear words that surely they should not know or be using.

The other form of over obsession leads to bad things such as #cutforbieber A truely atrocious act on the fans that happened purely because JB smoked weed. Being a dedicated fan is a good thing but cutting your own skin for your idol is wrong. An incident also happened within the BVB fanbase where Jake Pitts announced he was going out with a beautiful glamour model Ella Cole. The BVB fanbase cyber attacked Ella saying that she should die, cut herself just because she was dating Jake Pitts. This level of over obsession to a life changing point is only found in these fanbases.

Ella and Jake

Next the artist/band itself, called by the haters are called ‘gay’ ‘queer’ ‘camp.’ This is one thing that bothers me. Although I am not a BVB or JB fan I do not believe calling them gay, queer or camp is the right thing. This is because it is using the words in an offensive way when surely we should be fighting for equality. So what is wrong with being gay? or queer? or camp? If they are they are then that is fine. But for then the fans to fight back and say that it is offensive is, again, wrong.

Black Veil Brides SpikeSo the conclusion of this is, yes, Black Veil Brides are the Justin Bieber of Metal. It is shown through the fanbase of both that they are very similar.